Laser engraving on painted ceramic

Hi Snapmakers,

I would like to share with you a small creation that turned our pretty well.
Here is the story :slight_smile: :
A friend created a ceramic plate and painted it.
We tried to engrave it and it worked quite well but unexpectadly after he “cooked” the plate to make the ceramic hard, the engraving drawing totally disappear. (no picture of it)
In order to protect the plate, he varnished it (without any drawing !)

After several (bad) tries to laser engrave it with the varnished on it, we tried to use black permanent marker and engrave above it. (see picture 1)
It worked but still the color was not strong enough after removing the permanent marker.
We noticed that the surface that was laser engraved was a little abrasive. (picture 2)
We put some White Board marker on it and the black pigment unexpectadly stayed on the abrasive surface.

And finally it turned out that the color is quite stable and looks nice. (picture 3)

Thanks for the reeding, hopes this helps some fo you :blush: !


Congrats! This looks awesome! Have you done this with the 200mW or the 1600mW Module?

With the 1600mW module but at 70%, 200 / 1500