How to cut leather with 1.6 mW laser?

I have been experimenting with the laser, and trying to cut som 4 mm leather.

Testing with a box with rounded corners, vector.

I am working my way up the ladder, currently at:

  • 70 mm/min
  • 40 passes
  • 0.1 mm per pass

At some of my earlier tries I observed that cuts in the x-axis was deeper than the cuts in the y-axis. I am cutting a box, and both x cuts were even and nearly trough, but the y cuts are not even half way trough.

30 passed was close to through, but not all the way.

The cuts are not great looking at this point, even got some charring (white stuff) in the cuts.

What should I really try?

You’ll never have a decent result with leather and 1.6W laser, especially 9-10oz that you’re attempting. The 10W will easily cut that in one pass. Save yourself a lot of time, leather and hassle and upgrade the laser.

I have the SM Original, so the 10 W is not an option as far as I know?

Oh. You posted under SM2 section, not SM original.

Corrected the section to Snapmaker original.

If X cuts better than Y this means your focus is misaligned in the Y direction, maybe your linear modules flex in Y direction?
Like the laser should beam straight in a rectangle on the model but yours is out of angle by movement.

I would suggest to check the focus in all four corners. Lets see what you observe.

“If X cuts better than Y…”
I’m guessing it’s something to do with the elliptical shape of the laser spot.