Is the laser power different in moving X and Y?

Using Snapmaker 2.0, I tried to cut the fomex board.
The board was cut while the laser module is moving along the X axis,
but along Y axis, the laser could not penetrate the board almost at all.

How can I solve the problem?

Hello, welcome to the forum!

What does your gcode look like? What were the settings of your laserjob? Did you create it with Luban? You’ll get more and better answers if you provide additional info.

The G code was created using Luban.
Setting was 50mm/s, 4 pass, and 0.2mm depth advance.
Laser power was 100%.

Sorry, 50mm/min, not 50mm/s.

What file type is the source artwork?
Are you using vector mode?


The g-code was made from .svg vector file built using Inkscape.

Just checking to make sure using vector, because the paths created for b&w are different.
When the file is cutting does it look like it’s moving the same in x as y?

Maybe share your file? Possibly problem/difference between lines? Did you create a rectangle/square in inkscape? Or multiple lines?

@sdj544 I’m not very familiar with laser whatsoever, would it have something to do with the laser bed “ridges” (going to try and explain this as best as possible, bear with me lol) like how they run along the y and only cross the lasers path alternately along the x? I hope that explains what my brain is saying lol. Yea, I’m probably an idiot about laser, ha.

Not unless the piece of material was sinking into the ridges so the focus distance was changing. Have to be a very thin piece of material to do that.


@sdj544 gotcha, like I said… I’m an idiot with laser lol.

Are the boxes supposed to be filled in? If so, it looks like it just isn’t marking the board at all except for the turn off points where it dwells too long, over burning the material.

If you are just cutting out the boxes, you could make a quick test with a horizontal and a vertical line using these settings to be sure it isn’t a file specific issue.

Hi, how the Laser goes? You may share the G-code file and we’ll make a further check if the problem persists.