How much weight can hold the linear module?

Hello to everyone! I’m thinking about mounting a camera on the toolhead of the Snapmaker A350. Would I have to worry about weight of the camera on the tool head? How much weight can the toolhead attachment hold?

I was hoping somebody with V2 experience would jump in, as I only have an Original.

The Original was pretty light weight. It could handle some extra weight on the X axis or toolhead, but only while it was on. More than a little extra weight would cause the axis to start dropping as soon as the print finished, which could damage the print.

I’ve heard the V2 is stronger, but can’t speak to it.

I printed and mounted a Tool Holder. It does ok if I store the Original CNC clamps, bits, and hex wrenches. But if I store a screwdriver and palette knife in the block, it will sag after printing is complete. The tools also tends to catch on nearby objects, so I stopped putting those tools in there for several reasons. It’s still mounted 5 years later though, so as long as your camera is light weight, it should be fine. I haven’t weighed it, but I’m estimating that 100g is ok, and 200g is too much. Give it a try, and stick around until the print completes.