How do I reset my bed's boundry/ cornor coordinates?

I ran a leveling test print and the printer thinks the bed is much farther to the right than it is. Is there a way to reset this or manually change them?

Usually that means you have the X rail, the toolhead, or the bed mounted incorrectly. Although I usually see things printing too far to the left. Did you change anything recently?

I see remnants of previous prints in the correct location though. It also looks like it’s printing just a bit close to the back of the bed. The back left ring looks like it is also not quite on the bed, but better than the two right rings.

The 127mm wide bed should be centered above the Y rail. I have 40mm of overhang from the Y rail to edge of the bed on both sides. It looks like your bed is centered.

It’s possible that you jumped a thread, and the head isn’t in the position the controller thinks it’s in. I had that happen when I tried to print something at 100mm/s. I had a 8mm offset in X. I eventually fixed it by jogging the print head to the end of all 6 axises. There was a horrible grinding noise when I tried to go past the end of the X axis, but then it no longer tried to go past, and my offset was gone.

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You’re right in that I just recently replaced the controller fan, it was printing fine before that. Now I’m worried that I shorted it in doing so.
I will try jogging tomorrow, and update after that!

Sadly the jogging didn’t help. I didn’t hear any grinding either. I also un/plugged everything on the back. I’m going to link a video of the whole calibration print, maybe someone will see something.
Man, I hope it’s not that I fried the controller with the fan replacement.

Thanks to the help of the SM support desk I was able to solve this issue! I didn’t realize that I wasn’t on the most current firmware (2.11) and that seems to and fixed the issue entirely.
Here the link if anyone else comes across the same problem: