How did this horizontal shift happen in 3D print?

Hi there. Printing a filament guide that ends in an eyelet, this is what happened most way through the eyelet. I tried to understand how this could have happened - a sudden shift in the Y axis of about 5mm. The object was very firmly attached to the bed and didn’t bend or anything. The object is still usable, just ugly. Is there anything I could have done to prevent this? Is the nozzle slightly too low, perhaps?

Did the build plate move? Did you have a loss of power and power-recovery event?

Were you using the Luban print settings? Which model do you have?

I managed to do that once on my Original by trying to print too fast, and making a thread skip on a module. It was a pretty loud “clunk”.

On the 2.0, the build plate slip is more common. With tall objects, the head can catch an edge and push the build plate.

For a filament guide, you might want to print that part laying on its side rather than straight up. It’s easier to break a print on the layer lines. So bumping the end of that might cause the end to snap off. If you print it laying flat on the build plate, the layers will be vertical when the part is held in this orientation. It looks like you’ll need supports to do that, but maybe the back is flat enough that it won’t be a problem.

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Yes it’s SM 2.0, sent from Luban 4.4. No power loss. I didn’t notice the build plate moved, but I didn’t check when I took it off. Perhaps it’s the most obvious explanation. I was in the adjacent room, I think I heard a mechanical sound at some point, perhaps that was the head catching an edge and pushing the plate.