Printer sheet moved

I just started my first 3D print. The Vase in the Luban software. Shortly after starting the printer sheet shifted to the right about 15-20 mm. It hasn’t move any more. Does anyone know what caused this?

Likely your head hit the model you are building and pushed it. Unless this is first layer in which case the head likely moved the bed directly.

Probably z-offset too low and the nozzle caught the edge.

Share photos of your machine so we can see if any problem with assembly.


I thought it had something to do with with the Z axis. Here’s a pic of the system

Processing: IMG_0934.MOV…

You still haven’t said when the bed moved - was it as the head moved to the first layer start location or at some % of the print job done.

I have had bed move for the following reasons:

  1. on an older firmware after adjusting some gcode manually the z offset was forgotten and the head crashed the bed dragging the bed
  2. when printing i have had head hit the infill and knock over the model, one time when the object was super stuck to bed it moved the bed - this was likely due to my previous issues of bed wobble (where the bed varied in height due to loose bearings on the Y rails.
  3. i had the head knock over a benchy print 2 nights ago even though my issue in #2 is fixed - i am unclear what caused this, but may be related to another bed levelling issue i am working on with support or…
  4. if you have warping (even the tiniest amount) that will cause the object to lift on one edge and then the height of the object has changed and the head can hit it - even a rise of 0.2mm is enough to do this…

i am sure there are other reason, i would start with looking at bed leveling and #4 if i were you as #2 and #3 are much more obscure.

hope that helps
PS at a casual glance your machine looks ok in that picture, nothing fundamentally wrong i can see

I did not see it move, but from look of the project it shifted after the base was laid down which looks like around the third layer. But I don’t know for sure

try reprinting and see if it happens again?

Sounds like you weren’t watching it print. Always watch at least the first layer until you have enough experience with the machine that you are confident the print will stick to the build plate.

On the anything-can-happen front, I once had the print sheet move when it hit the touchscreen. I guess i had knocked the screen askew after monitoring the first layer with my finger over the +0.01mm button. So yeah, watch that first layer

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