How can I use software like Mastercam?

I’m a student at Ohio University and I’m trying to cut 0.125 cast acrylic with the CNC Carver. I created a file in Mastercam X9 and uploaded the g-code to the machine, but the file wouldn’t run, I kept getting errors. Support at Snapmaker said that it only accepts certain g-code, is this true? We’re trying to teach students about g-code using Mastercam because that’s the only software the school offers.

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Yes, It only runs certain G-codes and does some special parsing on some too. I’m told they are working on a reference doc. There is a link to one doc from there you can find in the SnapLinks page.( That document is not complete as there are commands it will accept that are not referenced.

I’ve found that some gcode docs will run from the console tab of Luban/JS but will crash when run from a file. It also parses things from the comments that it uses.

Tech support at Mastercam can create posts to machines based on the code they require. What would Snapmaker require for this?

You’ll have to ask them. They linger here a little but it’s probably best to email them about it.