How can I activate the calibration laser / laser pointer?


I use an Artisan with a 10W laser.
I do not want to use the camera to calibrate to a workpiece. That is quite inaccurate.

Can I activate the red calibration laser in Luban or directly via the terminal, for example? It is used in the automatic calibration. So you should be able to activate it, right?
This would make it much easier to adjust to a workpiece.


I guess there is no possibility to activate this dot.

Why not set the work origin manually on the touchscreen? - If the enclosure is closed the laser should beam a little so you should be able to set your work origin correctly.

Otherwise you need to ask support: or
Support Ticket Form

Hi @xchrisd
sry for the late reply. Thank you!
Now I found this little beam. I was afraid that it would burn the workpiece. But it’s perfect for adjusting.