Horizontal Lines while printing on A350

Hi all, need some help here please, in my recent prints on the A350, I am noticing these horizontal lines which start appearing after certain z height for all the prints. My first few prints came out real nice and there were no horizontal lines.

Any pointers on how I can fix this?

[Update: I forgot to mention, if there are supports around, I don’t see these horizontal lines on the supports, these lines appear only on the actual model.]

That looks weird! It seems like a nearly regular pattern. That would suggest that you have a problem with the Y-Axis. When you move it up and down in jog, can you see slight movement back and forth of the toolhead? Are the lines that look like sunken in here on the other side of teh model sticking out?
Anyhow, I’d include Snapmaker support here…

Hey @Nithin, how do you print, usb-cable directly from pc or wifi directly by luban or sending file to the touchscreen/printing from touchscreen? Maybe a slow pc or a huge backup load could cause this problem.

On what print surface do you print?- is it possible that the ground is not strong enough and your model wobbles while your travels?- Which print and travel speeds did you run?

Last but not least, i would suggest you to calibrate your extruder,- maybe you are simply underextruding on this lines.

Where sits your filament-spool?- It is most important to let the extruder pull less as possible, no edges and so on. If you run with the original spoolholder i would suggest you to print a new one, there are several on thingiverse for the snapmaker 2.

I agree with @xchrisd, it looks like a wobble issue. The A350 is already known to have some wobble as the bed moves front to back. I would try printing at a slower speed (including jog speed) my guess is you don’t see it on the supports because they print at a diffrent speed then your model. This would also explain why it’s only noticeable after a certain z night. Just out of curiosity do the lines get worse the further up the print you go?

Thank you for the reply @xchrisd. I print by sending the file to the device via WiFi from Luban and then use the touchscreen to print it from there.

I use the magnetic bed that came with the snapmaker. I have tried printing with the high quality settings and normal quality settings on luban, but I notice these lines in all my recent prints no matter what settings I use. I used raft for this print as well. I will slow it down some more and see the results.

I wasn’t using any clips to hold the bed in place, I will try using clips to hold it together to avoid any wobble and print this model again. I will calibrate the extruder too before my next print.

Filament spool sits on the original spool holder, I will look up on thingiverse and print and new and try it.

These were the settings I used for printing this hulk model.

Thank you for all the pointers, I will try them and post the results here.

Thank you @Atom. Yes I think its a wobble issue, I will try all the suggestions from you and @xchrisd in my next print.
This is the pattern of the lines I see on this hulk model,

  1. The horiztonal lines are not there on the legs at the bottom.
  2. It is noticeable on the fabric and increase as it goes up.
  3. The lines are highly visible and close to each other on the Abs and chest area.
  4. As it goes up to the neck and face area, the lines start to fade and the distance between the lines increases.

Yeah defiantly wobble from the build plate moving. The greater the x travel distance the more noticeable the lines. There are a few posts in the forums about how to reduce that wobble, I will link them when I get home tonight.

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@Nithin, thanks for making me stare at the hulk’s crotch. :smiley:

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Ha ha, couldn’t avoid it, he has weird lines on it :smile:.

May you check if your heated bed is right assembled, mounting frame not upside down?
This could cause a wobble of the printsheet and bed calibration problems.
The nuts should face down.