Honestly....NOT a fan of moving 'Z hop' into material settings

Bottom line, it’s not all about the material. SOME models need it, because they have very little contact area on the plate and you’re trying not to use a raft or brim that will make cleanup more of an issue. Or because a small ‘spherical’ growing shape might warp the tiniest bit upward while printing at the perimeter and make it more likely to get snagged. Z-hop to avoid the head grabbing and yanking when you have many small objects on the plate now requires me to edit my material setting (or have one WITH Z-hop, one without for the same material.

That… that seems so stupid… Might be a good time to learn and setup a different slicer. Both Cura and Prusaslicer now have support for snapmakers, though Prusaslicer only has profiles for the A250 & A350 currently. I’ve got my own modified profile in prusaslicer where I gave it a proper purge line, heats the bed before the nozzle so it doesn’t ooze everywhere, etc.