Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Welcome @Rotoruda

I am like many members here and was new to all of this type of technology when I acquired the SM1. All that I will say is that you and your daughter will have a great time.

My best advice is to take your time there is much to learn. Have you seen the many references on the Snaplinks page?

Keep having fun




I’m Sven from Luxembourg. I backed a Snapmaker 2.0 A350.

I followed the SM1 Kickstarter Project back in 2017, but chose the Dobot Mooz 1 instead. Unfortunately this was the wrong decision as the Mooz Project is pretty dead now. My Mooz 1 still works pretty fine, but I need a bigger build volume :smile: The Snapmaker community seems much more alive, so I’m looking forward to work with the Snapmaker 2.0!


Hi @TheBlackfish

Welcome to the party. I have had my SM1 since Nov 2017. I knew nothing about 3D printing, lasering and CNC work.

The SM1 has been an incredible journey of learning and fun. I too have pledged fro an A350 and look forward to the larger build volume and new features.

The Snapmaker team have impressed me with efforts to build and offer a quality unit and of course listening to all of us for product use feedback and product improvement ideas. It is a very collegiate and positive environment. You don’t get this opportunity with many businesses.

Keep having fun



Hi! I’m Eric, and I was one of the original kickstarter backers. I made a number of successful prints and laser burns after receiving the snap maker, but had to set it aside for a bit while I re-arranged my house.

Now I’ve got a permanent workbench home for it, and am ready to get back to it!

(I know this doesn’t go here, but the forum gives me an “Unable to view resource” error (???) when I try to ask this question where it belongs, so I’ll asking it here instead.)

All of the links to the manuals, including all of the FAQ questions in the forum and support website and the help button in snapmakerjs, point to https://manual.snapmaker.com. Unfortunately, every link there gives this message:

“Page Not Found
The book published at this address does not contain the requested page.
It may have been moved or deleted by its author.”

Is that temporary? Is there somewhere else I should be looking?


hi @ewagoner

The problem is on your PC I have just checked and all is good.



Thanks! It’s working for me now too, but for many hours earlier it wasn’t. Ghosts in the machines, I suppose.


probably your ISP stuffing up the DNS references

Keep having fun


A couple of things to try at times like this. Sometimes DNS get messed up. Try flushing the DNS cache from your pc. Also use the Google DNS Servers @


Hi I’m Torge, I work as a CAD-modeller and want to use my snapmaker use my skills to create real objects with it.

I really love the possibilities of the snapmaker - and how well it is manufactured!!


Hi @tarzaaan

Welcome to the community; we are all having fun with our Snapmaker 1 and looking forward to the Snapmaker 2. Make sure you checkout many of the great references in Snaplinks

Keep having fun



Hey guys! I’m Ben from Myers Woodshop.
I have a youtube channel, instagram, facebook all @myerswoodshop
I do a lot of 3d printing, cnc, woodworking, and laser stuff!

Excited to start using the snapmaker!


Hi Ben

Welcome to the party.



I’m Giovanni from Italy. I recive a snapmaker and i wat to learn as best as i can to use it :slight_smile:


remember to take a look at Snaplinks for great information


thanks @doug, yet done :slight_smile:
I’ve already printed a bit of things, but i need to improve my technique and competence :wink:


Hi @groc

Join the club, we are all learning and trying to improve…welcome to the next 20+ years of doing so.

I figure by Snapmaker 10 it will all be automated and idiot proofed hahahaha and @Rainie will not have aged



20+ Years ? :thinking: :fearful:

I equate present 3D FDM printing with the 2D DOT Matrix printers of yesteryear.
Very popular and affordable for the amateur, hobbyist and small manufacturer, but for viability as a consumer product - much too finicky and fussy. It needs to be Plug & Play - plug it in, turn it on and send it print files, and occasionaly replace the cartridge. Follow the trends in R & D of the major printer companies like Canon, HP Kyocera etc. FDM does not appear to be in the cards.

So let’s have fun while it lasts, but I think 20 years is pushing it - more likely, 20 years from now, people will point and ask “what is that?” as the museum guide explains…

The snapmaker however has some advantages with it’s additional CNC routering and lasering abilities. So still a worthwhile and sound investment for the forseeable future. :wink:


I want a Replicator like those on USS Enterprise (Star Trek) and just ask for what I want. :rofl::joy:


Hello My name is Ted
I just ordered my snapmaker should get it in 4 days.
I am a retired field engineer for a company that installs playback equipment in television news stations.
I was a cnc machinist 30 years ago at Texas Instruments and needed something to play with
This should keep me busy


welcome to the party

have fun