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I’m Waldo, Minerals and Metallurgical Engineer, planing retirement, and tinkering as maker. I expect to share my learning and problem solving, trying of course to not rediscover the wheel. Hi to everybody!!!


Hi Waldo

Welcome to the party. We are all having fun from newbies to experts and always learning.

Keep having fun



Hi I just got my Snapmaker and love playing with it. I am an artist from Dallas, TX. Still having issues figuring out the 3D printing though. All of my prints come out like scaffolding. How do I make them solid?


Wonder if you can send us the pictures of the prints. Hard to give you the suggestion base on your words.


Hi @jmartin520

Can you please provide much more detail. What PC and OS are you using? If using SnapmakerJS what settings are you using? Are you using the Snapmaker supplied filament? if not what are you using.



He’s made a separate post https://forum.snapmaker.com/t/prints-not-solid/4072