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I’m Waldo, Minerals and Metallurgical Engineer, planing retirement, and tinkering as maker. I expect to share my learning and problem solving, trying of course to not rediscover the wheel. Hi to everybody!!!


Hi Waldo

Welcome to the party. We are all having fun from newbies to experts and always learning.

Keep having fun



Hi I just got my Snapmaker and love playing with it. I am an artist from Dallas, TX. Still having issues figuring out the 3D printing though. All of my prints come out like scaffolding. How do I make them solid?


Wonder if you can send us the pictures of the prints. Hard to give you the suggestion base on your words.


Hi @jmartin520

Can you please provide much more detail. What PC and OS are you using? If using SnapmakerJS what settings are you using? Are you using the Snapmaker supplied filament? if not what are you using.



He’s made a separate post https://forum.snapmaker.com/t/prints-not-solid/4072



I cut my teeth on the 360. lol. Learned Cobol and then moved to RPG for the S/34, S/36, S/38 and then AS400. Moved onto analysis and retired two years ago. This is my first venture into 3d printing. Looks like a learning curve though.


Hi all,

Nigel from Mississauga, On, Canada here. I’m a retired (well mostly - they keep calling me back which is why I could buy the Snapmaker) IT professional. My last position was an analyst in the 3PL Logistics vertical. Hobbies are the usual mundane ones like working around the house and gardening. I have been trying to learn Linux and Python and have a couple of Raspberry projects on the go.

3D printing sort of peaked my interest and my youngest daughter and I figured we could make some cool stuff .

I will warn in advance that I may ask a lot of newbie questions…


Looks like there is a firmware upgrade. Should I proceed with it?


Welcome. There’s a lot of good answers here already. Be sure to search before asking.
There’s a great Wiki page with lots of links to good stuff here:


Generally it’s a good idea to upgrade to the latest “stable” version i.e. official download. There are also Beta downloads. I tend to wait until a bit of feedback has been generated before commiting.

Keep in mind that if upgrading the firmware, look to see if you also need to upgrade the software (Snapmakerjs) should you use it.


Hi @Nigel

Nice to see other IT oldies out there. I was a total newbie to all of this. I read a lot a just jumped in. Learning is a bit of trial and error, but it you are careful, less error. It is a bit of a black art though. Make sure you look at some of the references in Snaplinks.

there are many , many great links online to gain knowledge. There are also books such as one that ordered and read. 3D Education Material

I started with simple 3D printing using the SnapmakerJS application, using Fast print…note all the parameters. print the same object again with Normal Quality, again note the parameter changes and the print with High Quality. You will soon see the use of varying parameters have a major impact. I spent a few months printing then started on the laser. The last year has been bouncing between these two modules; I have not tackled the CNC as yet.

As I learned more I wanted more, so I downloaded and used the Ultimaker CURA software which provides you with many more print options… then I want more and bought the Simplify3D application, which has numerous features. Simplify3D

It all depends on how carried away you get.

Keep having fun


I am sure you will have, I am



Hi I’m Ross. I work in IT in the UK. I mainly code Python but turn my hand to whatever is needed (often thanks to Stack Overflow). I’ve waited to purchase a 3D printer. I liked the idea of the original Snapmaker, especially as buying a 3D printer is act of folly, the Snapmaker is 3 times the folly. I’ve taken the plunge with the Snapmaker 2. I want to use the time before I receive it, learning from people’s experiences with the original and becoming familiar with the software (control and design). I’ve mainly used Sketchup for 3D design but this has been used architecturally not smaller more detailed designs.


Thanks Doug.

So far my biggest problem is getting the project to adhere to the heated bed. Today may be a trip to the hardware store for painter’s tape. From what I have seen that seems to help quite a few folks.
I think your reference to black art is apropos.



What type of filament are you using? and what temperatures are you using.

Calibration really is an essential part of the art. I got everyone to start using feeler gauges, much effective than paper.

As a hint until you get the hang of things use RAFT as your adhesion method. Tapes and sprays are not needed once you get the settings right and you can stop using RAFT.

Keep having fun



Using the filament that came with it atm. Nozzle temp of 200 and 60 on the bed. I went and bought feeler gauges yesterday. lol


Those settings are fine
As mentioned check you calibration… I use 0.05mm… don’t go any smaller than this. paper is around 0.06mm

…and use RAFT… that should get you started


So this is supposed to be the snapmaker Bed Level test by Papaclaw. Poor picture quality notwithstanding, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark as Hamlet might say.


what were all of your settings, temperatures , speeds etc

Do not be disheartened, it is all learning.

Be brave tackle your print again with RAFT and use Normal Quality print




One of the nice things I did buy was a Ziflex plate for the heating bed Ziflex

This makes the removal of objects sooooo much easier