Help, terrible beating noise

@Mechanikus Interesting… So “M2020 S14 F” to filter out as much as possible then?

I cannot test it here anymore (rather went to the opposite to get as much information as possible out of the original controller…) , but yes, judging from the text this should be the log level with the least information sent.

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Hi @i3sven, I’ve shared this thread with our support team. They said that they have reproduced the issue internally, and the developer has added it to the list to fix it. Our support team should have communicated updates on this issue with you in your support ticket.


Hi @Jade,

Any progress on fixing this issue?
I ran into a similar issue, although not identical, where a dual material prints fails to assign the correct temperature to the extruders when the file contains comments. When the comments are removed from the file, it prints flawlessly. I nailed it down to a small 3 layers file I could share.

There must be a buffer/memory issue somewhere in the firmware. The type of issue I’m facing can easily damage the extruders since it might be trying to push cold filament or overheated filament through the hotends.

Happy to open a bug report on Github. Just let me know.

Hallo zusammen,

ich dachte mir, ich teile meine Erkenntnisse mal mit euch, da ich über eine Woche nach der Ursache für die tollsten Geräusche in meinem J1 gesucht habe. Ich dachte, ich hätte es mit einer defekten Linearführung zu tun…

Die Schleppkette der Kabelführung schliff über die obere Blechabdeckung und verursachten ein kaum lokalisierbares Schleifgeräusch. ein minimales Anheben der Schleppketten beseitigte das Problem. Da muss man erstmal drauf kommen, wenn gefühlt der gesamte Drucker das Geräusch abgibt… Beispielvideo gibt’s hier

Hey folks,

just wanted to share my case with you since my J1 made some weird noises, too and I first thought I am having trouble with my linear rail/bearing. It took me over a week to find the cause, since the noises were really tough to localize.

The drag chain of the cable management was grinding/rubbing against the top sheet of metal. Rising the drag chain a tiny bit solved the problem for me. Video of the issue can be seen here

My printer arrived exactly one year later and has the same problem. The carriage (of both printheads) is so loose that the nozzle moves for more than a mm. When changing direction from Y to X, ridiculous ghosting shows up in my prints even with low printspeeds (and I’m pretty sure this is related to the loose fit of the carriage)

Contacted support for a replacement.

If I’m not satisfied I will probably just buy a new on myself.
Was anyone of you able to find a high quality rail+carriages with the same geomety?
I saw it somewhere in this thread but can’t find it anymore.

Full wobbly linear guide action can be found here.

die Nummer mit der Schleppkette ist nicht neu, da drunter einfach ein KFZ Kabelbauklebeband aufkleben, dann ist das Geschichte.

Du wirst vom Support mit Sicherheit die guten Schienen und Schlitten bekommen.
Seitdem ich die Drin habe, gibt es kein Spiel mehr, hatte ich vorher auch.

Wenn man etwas empfindlich ist, macht man sich selbst das Leben schwer, das Leiden habe ich auch.
Es ist und bleibt ein guter 3D-Drucker.


The number with the drag chain is not new, just stick a car cable construction tape underneath and then that’s history.

You will definitely get the good rails and slides from support.
Since I’ve had it there’s been no game, I had it before too.

If you are a little sensitive, you make life difficult for yourself, I have that problem too.
It is and remains a good 3D printer.