Help. Movement (Home) Error

Hey Everybody. I just got my J1 today. I was going through the calibrations and got all the way to the vibration compensation one. When I started it, it started moving and then it never stopped. (It stopped moving, but the moving message on the touchscreen just never went away). I turned it off and back on. Then I ran into that same problem anytime I tried to do anything.

I get this message on octoprint when I hit the home button. “Y home runing fault as endstop not trigger when second bump”

I figured it out. The calibration for the y axis must have shifted during transport. I found where someone posted how to fix it and it works. Yeah!!!.

What was the fix for this? I am having the same issue now just trying to home or run any calibrations.

It worked for me.

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I ended up discovering for myself that it just wasn’t going to the initial trigger for Y, so I pushed it against the front like that and when it saw it was in the right spot it seemed to reset the issue and all worked again.

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