Did I get shipped the wrong linear module

My question today is - did I get sent the wrong part! I ordered a replacement Linear Module for my X axis. In the store X,Y,Z modules for the A350 are the same. When I installed the replacement nothing worked. The machine came up but it was non-responsive. I had inadvertently caught the ribbon cable in the Z axis brace when I tightened it down and pulled off a bit of the insulation when i pulled it out. My assumption was I had broken one of the 8 wires in the cable.
Testing today with a multi-meter I had connectivity for all 8 cables so that isn’t the problem. I then tried a few different things, tested the original linear module to make sure it still moved when it was connected. (but it makes a grinding noise). So I decided to swap out the motor and screw rod between the two modules. The new module screw rod won’t go through the part that travels back and forth so that was a surprise. Then I checked and although the rods appear to be the same size the travel part holes are different. Note the pictures. What I assume is the part number is different on the two motors. Also the original has stamped information on the side of the module which is missing from the replacement. What do you think?
The 42HD4436-05 is the original

Grrr - I guess I ordered the wrong part. I didn’t realize that there were two different versions of the A350 (and A350T). I of course have the A350T.

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