Halloween promotion

Hi there, I ordered the a350t on the 15th. Logged in today (17th) and I see they are including the 10w laser module. My current order doesn’t say anything about it, will it be included?

Most likely not, but check back with support - they’re usually helpful. Perhaps they even change your order.

Bought mine this year 8th of May. I think it was a full week later when they started with some sort of sale.
Contacted the support and got a voucher for the full difference between what I had paid and the sale price. Flawless great support.

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Same condition here. Ordered on the 15th as well. I will see if they will honor the deal but I understand if not.

Just received the Snapmaker yesterday, no 10W, But I did reach out to support and I have a free 10w on the way. I just had to pay for shipping.

hello, where s is mine

I ordered my 350 enclosure with the 10W laser in the promotuon, but I only received the enclosure today and no laser. Is it common for SM to send part orders?
I have paid for two items in the promotion.