Gotta catch them all!

My dream is to become a 3D master, but before that I have to test a lot, print a lot and waste a lot of filament. I wanted to share a bit of my work with you. My first journey is to print all the 151 pokemon by #. Hopefully developing my skills and settings to increase quality and print time.

I download my models at Cults3D

Using two extruders to print dual color is not yet working flawless so in this instance I printed the two colors apart.

Problems with this print:

  1. Ugly top and bottom, might be solved with using 0.12mm instead of 0.20mm layer height
  2. Flaws in print, might be caused by under extrusion (was 0.4 and set for my next print to 0.48)
  3. Support was very hard to remove
  4. lines very visible (same problem as problem 1, might be solved when using 0.12)
  5. dual color seems to cause trouble when moving towards the prime tower. Lots of stringing and failed prints.
  6. 1/3 of the time is wasted by making the raft, looking for a way to improve print time on this, adhesion is perfect as it is.

The changes dit something good.

  1. The ugly top and bottom is drasticly improved
  2. Fewer flaws but still some
  3. dit not found a solution for the support yet.
  4. Lines are stil very visable especialy between the yes for some reason.
  5. not yet tried dual color
  6. did not make any changes to the raft.

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