Snapmaker Filament problems and return policy

I had some problems with the white PLA but was able to get some prints done(not the best quality). Had to replace the nozzle and change filament and had no problems.
Then I was gong to print a simple box and I have an entire pack of black PLA, white PETG and black PETG so I decided to use the snapmaker black so I would waste my good PLA. I couldn’t get a single print to work. The back stuck to the bed to the point of splitting off when trying to remove it. Tried several times with different setting and all the same. I feel like I wasted money on 4 rolls of filament that I’ll never use.
Anyone else have a problem with this and does Snapmaker offer a refund If I send them back?

Not the exact same problem as you, but the BLACK PLA I have ordered from Snapmaker is not wound properly. It keeps breaking during the print and if I am not there the resulting piece of PLA that remains in the print head is so hard to remove.

I don’t think I’ll order more PLA from Snapmaker, this is the 2nd roll with which I have had these issues. Other brands (Mika3D, Nova, etc.) have never given me any issues.

Yes. I have a great problem with the Black PLA from snapmaker.
First of all it’s running out of the nozzle even as the feeder is not running. And then
it’s like in someway is getting a little bit of stuck in the nozzle, so when the extruder push it out, it end up in a loop. So when it’s printing, it will end up in whats already printetn and it ends up in a mess.
Then i change back to my white PLA filament, that’s been doing a fine job. Now it did the same thing as the black one. So i had to make several runs with “load” command. Finally the white one was running nice again.
When telling the support the answer was: Then don’t use the black filament!
Like it was for free because i’m a nice guy and didn’t pay for it!?! Man i’m in chock!

The filament out of their store isn’t as bad as what comes with the machine, but afaik it’s manufactured by eSun now

The material that came with the machine needs to be discarded, it will ruin your print sheet

I feel like they should be putting a notice out there or something.

I thought for fun i’d try some different methods for getting the filament off my build sheet and i think i’ve made a wonderful discovery

This stuff is like impervious to temperature swings

I am using a heat gun blowing 700 degrees F at it and its not even affecting it whatsoever, meanwhile the coating on the sheet is bubbling and coming off

I also sprayed it with some liquid ice which gets down to about -60 F and you cant even tell.

Next step i’m going to call up the Davis Besse power plant and ask them to put it in the steam exhaust tower as low as they can next to the catalyst to see if the steam of a nuclear plant has what it takes to get this stuff off.

we should fill nasa in on a potential new material for the space suits

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I ordered 2 extra build plates and both arrived damaged. Great padding on the sides but nothing on the corners.

The damage was on opposite corners. My original build plate is the one on the bottom.

Thats a real bummer :frowning: i actually feel like they do a good job in shipping accessories out, so that box must have seen some better days :frowning:

Not really