Snapmaker Filament Not Sold in California?

In Amazon it appears that Snapmaker Filament is not available in California. Is there an actual issue shipping to CA or a glitch in the Amazon listing?

Don’t know why it wouldn’t but a lot of things strange happening with shipping with covid going on.

The better question is why do you want SM filament? A lot of other better choices for filament out there.


Thanks for the input. I am looking to stick with the SM filament for now as I’m a total noob. Everything I read says that sticking with the SM eco system to start with helps flatten the learning curve.

That said I’m open to suggestions. What filaments do you suggest and what are the settings that you find work best for for them on the SM printers?

I’ve been buying the SM filament directly from their store. It does take longer to arrive (it ships from China), but I’m not a high volume printer.

I have noticed that I’m having some flexibility/breaking issues with the filament. At first I thought the filament was just old and had absorbed too much humidity (it takes me 9 to 12 months to go through a 500g spool). But I just opened a spool a month ago, and I’ve had the filament break between the spool and the extruder twice now. I’d accept any suggestions that @sdj544 has on better options.

I’ve only used the one spool of black that came with my A350 and it’s been fine for me. I’ve just had better performance with a couple other brands. It’s kind of a hard thing to qualify.
And I’ve read a lot of people with the same problems of breaking issues and inconsistency with SM.
I really like the stuff I’ve gotten from filamentone. Their PLA Select Pro prints beautifully. One thing to look at is what their tolerances/manufacturing precision is. SM is .003. Filamentone PLA is .002.
I just ordered their PETG and TPU so we’ll see how that goes.
PRUSA filament is supposed to be great, they just haven’t had what I’ve needed in stock. Hatchbox is pretty good, but given a choice I’d go with the others. Also, they’re only available through Amazon. So I can’t use my PayPal balance.
Matterhackers sells a bunch of different brands.
From what i’ve read stay away from esun.
Plenty of other brands that people recommend if you do a search on here.


Probably some overly protective CA law; this product causes cancer if you substitute it for spaghetti.

Hi all, yes there are some issues with the listing on Amazon, which we will sort out soon. For now we can’t sell the filament to users in California but elsewhere in the US. :slightly_frowning_face: