Gluing PLA (super glue and baking soda)


I’ve been doing models for awhile and when I went to look for glue for PLA well, not so good.

Having not tried the acetone weld copy for ABS it looks like super glue is the way to go after friction welding which has its issues.

Anyways some model tricks with super glue is to add baking soda after application and connecting the parts. It’s an instant gap filler and you can fill gaps from joins or miss printed areas with this technique.

Lots of videos on the web via a quick search. It’s a model geek thing so hopefully it helps someone like others posts have helped me in this new printing hobby.


Yeah, even if you sand the surface the superglue sticks but is not extremely strong.
I prefer friction surfacing the seams with a Dremel instead.

Do not stick to the bed
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@idzone agree super glue is not a strong bond or what should be used for connecting anything that will be stressed. Model “Pinning” techniques is the work around for crazy glue strength. Sucks that pla chemical welding chemicals are not acceptable for household use (some maybe alright if the pla is made from certain materials) like acetone is to abs. Moving forward I’ll be incorporating the mechanical surface area requirements into my stl splits to account for this. I haven’t done a friction weld yet, definitely plan to when the situation pops up as it is the best option. Unfortunatly so far details on my printed models trumps this technique.