Bed adhesion. Final 'solution'?

Some of you may remember that I was interested in ‘painting’ in many colours with my SM machine. I needed perfect adhesion as the smallest items I was laying down in the first layer were tiny. I think I’ve cracked it!

I’ve tried endless cleaning of the bed, hair-spray, (messy if you don’t take the build plate off to spray), and glue-stick, (never got an even surface using that.) But I happened to see that the glue stick was made of some version of ordinary PVA glue solidified in some way. Got me thinking; just need an even layer of PVA glue on the build surface. Here’s my recipe if you want to try it.

1 part cheap standard white PVA glue.
2 parts water to dilute it.
Mix thourougly until you get a thin milky solution.
Now add 2 parts alcohol, (I use Ethyl Alcohol as I can’t find IPA here: vodka would probably work too!).

Spread a thin layer on the bed and the prints stick wonderfully!

Hope that helps anybody who is having trouble with adhesion.