Geek questions from a noob

Hello everybody,

I’m new to Snapmaker but not new to 3D printing. I have a question for the geeks here that I could not figure out yet in the Snapmaker world.

I level my bed and figure out that I’m a little too high/low. In the old days I would just level my bed a little higher or lower but in Snapmaker world I have to adjust the z-axis let’s say +0.15. How can I store this value permanently (until the next calibration level)? Is there an M code that I can send?


+1 for this. I am also facing the same issue.

If you have adjusted the z-level through the touch screen during a print, the change will be saved and all following prints will use that same offset.

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Thanks. I saw that the value was kept but was thinking I could store the offset so that it says 0 for future prints. Works fine the way it is.

Additionally to @brvdboss’s comment, if you have your machine hooked up to octoprint, you can use the G1029 command to fine adjust your mesh in one go:

I have these macros in octoprint:

Start 11 point level (highest level point count SM supports AFAIK)


Start 7 point level (used because you can’t keep the heaters on, so 7 points is fast enough that you typically keep a consistent temp across the leveling run)


Save level (run a 7 or 11 point level, use jog tools and the .05 macros to adjust the head, then save, and reboot after it homes)

G1029S ; Offset matrix by current Z position
G1029D0 ; Compute interpolations and enable bed leveling
G28; Go home

Move .05 up (since octoprint didn’t have a button, macros was easier)

G1 Z0.05 F200

Move .05 down

G1 Z-0.05 F200

Adjust mesh .05 up (move the toolhead down, used when first layer is too high)

G1029 D -0.05

Adjust mesh .05 down (move the toolhead up, used when first layer is too low)

G1029 D 0.05
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