Bed Mesh Leveling Video Guide - using latest Firmware 10x10 grid

I had stuck with a stablish firmware 1.8 for quite a while, but decided some of the bug fixes were worth having so upgraded to 1.10.1 which has new Bed Mesh Level commands and ability to do a upto 12x12 mesh!

After running a gcode file and gouging the bed with the nozzle despite doing a new 5x5 grid calibration, i delved into this forum and the github code and have done this video guide to give you perfect bed mesh levelling with this firmware

Enjoy and if anyone at Snapmaker can tell me why i need to do the m206 and put an offset in would be great @JKC20 @Alan


i’ll try your method. Thanks for sharing

I didn’t know about this command, this is great. Interestingly enough, I don’t need to apply the Z offset


Cool glad it helped you. Yeah i really dont see why i should have to do the M206 Z axis offset… but I do!. Just to show it works heres a case I printed in PLA after finishing the video

I just tried this - thanks for the video! I’m hoping the larger level matrix will make the difference.

In my situation, the M206 Z command actually messed things up: it made the printer print in the air the amount I set in the command, so I actually reset my Z to zero (M206 Z0) - and a print even after power cycling worked properly. Can’t yet tell if the better leveling helps, but it’s nice to know it’s a sampling of 100 spots.

My FW is the 1.10.1 as well, A350.


Hi Steve @ConsummatePro , thanks for the feedback and hope it helps. It would be interesting if people who do it graph there bed mesh in excel like my video. Would defo be interested in doing it with a hot and cold bed. I just got production parts to do right now so dont want to mess about whilst its dialled in!

@ConsummatePro I worked out why i needed the Z offset with the M206 command… I had set the bed mesh levelling fall off/fade height to be 1mm. Default is zero which means its applied throughout the entire z height of a print rather than just the 1st 1mm.

So when i changed Z falloff back to Zero M420 Z0 then it reverted back to printing about 7 to 8mm above the bed so had to zero the offset i applied in the M206 command

Weird makes you lose confidence in what is built in and what works in this build of Marlin

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Here’s why you can’t use Z fade height:

In short, you (inadvertently, I had to learn this also) instructed the firmware from Z=0 to Z=1mm height to remove 6mm of adjustment, resulting in bizarre behavior.

If you want to apply a compensation to the mesh coordinates and use M206, then Z fade height will work as expected - the fade out value must be greater than the values stored in the mesh, and also must not contain any part of the home offset (like snapmaker does now).

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Awesome info, thanks… it was driving me nuts and only stumbled across the fix by pure chance when messing around. Kind explains why Z fade is off by default from Snapmaker!

I ate both sides of a pei sheet trying to use your video :joy: explains a lot. You should edit those sections out.