GCode from Luban vs Lightburn

Is there a difference in the g-code generated from Luban vs a program like Lightburn for laser cutting?

For example, I know Lightburn has more options, advanced settings, better UI, etc… But if all I want to do is import an .SVG file, set the power/speed/passes, and then cut it - does Lightburn generate “better g-code” that produces a better end result? Or would it produce the functionally same g-code as Luban given the same file and settings?

There are many differences, but the answer to what I think what you’re getting at can be summarized as “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

It’s not “better” if you’re happy with Luban’s output. If there is something specifically you find yourself unable to do in Luban that can be done in Lightburn then Lightburn would be better.

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It all depends on what you’re trying to do.
For some things Luban is just fine and quick.
I think Luban gets bashed too much for what it can’t do.
For what it can do it mostly works.
For other things when you need more control lightburn is better.

I’ve just been having trouble with consistently cutting cleanly through 3mm baltic birch plywood. What I meant was…if I use the same basic settings in both programs, nothing in Lightburn will make it cut through better than Luban?

It will be the same.