GCode depending on rotation of 3D object


I’m trying to print this self created model with Luban 3.13.1 and my Snapmaker Original. Is is kind of a air duct and has 4 mounting holes on one side. I would like to align the model, so that this flat area with the 4 mounting holes is the fist layer to be printed.

But if I generate the gcode to do so, Luban just fills the inner of the model with multiple layers of skin (yellow) and infill (purple) inbetween. Needless to say, that this is not as intended and won’t work as airduct.

Strangely, when I align the 3D model so that is standing, the generated gcode looks fine. But of course this is not the best alignment for printing this thing…

Can I do anything about this?

I also wanted to switch to Cura because of Luban (in)abilitys, but I could not find any information what to fill into the according fields…

Your original rotation is fine. The infill is loosely attached to the model, and designed to be removed after the print is complete. It’s not always required to print successfully. If that model was smaller, say 2cm x 3cm, the v1 would likely be able to bridge end to end well enough that the supports wouldn’t be required. But at (I’m guessing here) 8cm x 10cm, that’s not likely to print well without support. You could always try it though. PLA is cheap and biodegradable*, so a failed print isn’t something to worry about overly much. If you want to disable supports, you’ll have to customize a print profile to disable it. The default support is “Touching Buildplate”, so it doesn’t build supports on top of the model. That’s why your rotated part didn’t have infill. If you changed supports to “everywhere”, the second rotation would also have infill.

Getting the infill out and a smooth finish may require a bit of elbow grease though. The surface won’t be as smooth as if you didn’t use infill, so you generally want the infill in the “inside” not the “outside” Depending on the print, that may or may not be possible. I find the easiest way to remove it is to use some needle nose pliers to crush all of the supports, then try to gently pull it out in one piece. There’s as many techniques as there are people 3D printing, and the forum is full of people asking about better finish after supports. A bit of sanding wouldn’t hurt either.

Snapmaker has a guide for setting up Cura, and it looks like you already followed it. I’ve been told that the negative Xmin/Ymin is expected, but I don’t remember why. My Printhead and Extruder Settings match what you have. I am using some better Start/End GCode created by WilliamBosacker, but it’s by no means required.
Once you have the printer setup, you do have to create some profiles. I copied the Luban Fast Print, Normal Quality, and High Quality print settings, then created a few more. If you’d rather start with something, here are the 5 print profiles I use.
Cura Snapmaker Profiles.zip (4.4 KB)

  • biodegrading PLA takes some special equipment, so it may or may not be available in your area.

Check out John Aldred’s Cura profiles here.
[GitHub - Kaouthia/Snapmaker-2: This is my archive of files for the Snapmaker 2.0 A350. At the moment, that primarily means my Cura 3D printing profiles. In the future, I may add profiles for other slicers, and possibly CNC and laser related files, as well as potential upgrades you might want to print to improve the features of your Snapmaker 2.0.]

Yes I know, that was my intention to print it that way. The problem is, that Luban just fills the inner area with infill, even though there is nothing like that in the original 3D model! Also I think you miss the difference of infill and support structures

You’re right, I said “infill” when I meant to say “support”. And that light purple color is infill, not support.

Can you upload the model? I’d like to play with it.

I have exactly the same problem. Any news why this happens?

did you get a satisfactory answer how to get around that problem. I have exactly the same issue and tried everything, but all tries are usnuccesfully. I draw my models on Sketchup free, then export them in 3d dae file. I open then the dae in FreeCad, select all meshs and export it in stl. I then open the stl with Luban. Just impossible to get rid of the fills. Liiks like a bug.

Can you send me your original file here and I will have a try in Luban? Thanks