Infill slicing fail?

Hi all. I tried a model from Thingiverse and found that Luban did not generate infill for interior support. I am using Luban 3.5.0, printing in Normal mode, with Infill and Support turned on. Some photos are attached. Is it possible that there is a bug in the software? The model is as follows:

If I am missing something obvious I will be happy to try again.
Thanks in advance.

I see that you’ve customized the print settings. Did you by chance change the options in the “Surface” section? Enabling “Spiralize Outer Contour” or changing the Surface Mode to anything other than “Normal” will disable infill.

The defaults for those are Off and Normal respectively.

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Thank you @clewis. Yes, I did have the spiralize option checked. I sliced again and the preview looks good now. Starting another attempt at printing…

Thanks again!