Garage remote control case

For our garage door motor we have a remote control, but when changing the battery, the plastic case broke. First impulse: Let’s 3D-print a replacement. Thinketh me: Wouldn’t it be much cooler if it was made from wood? So I turned it into a milling job, using a piece of oak board as a basis. And what can I say? The result is the coolest garage remote I can imagine :wink: - but judge yourself:

I created the case using Windows 3D Builder (I’d say it is about the limit in complexity this program can handle…), imported it into Fusion 360 as a Mesh and created for the inner side

And then for the outer side and the knob

  • A roughing with the 6mm bit
  • A contour finishing with the Snapmaker 3.175 mm ball end bit

Gave it a bit of sanding and oiling, done!

Some learnings:

  • Invest in quality! The 6mm bit is super fast and super precise - no comparison to the Snapmaker bits, where the machine really struggled. To be fair, the Snapmaker bits are cheaper by an order of magnitude.
  • Do a finishing path. I thought I can skip it for the key ring holder, but had to work it out with a knife a bit. I could have avoided this.
  • Think well about how to fixate the work pieces - I had to redo the job, because I was too stupid.
  • A two side milling is difficult to align - I still need to think about more precise ways to do this. It is not an issue with this project, but alignment was off by ~0.3 mm, and that’s already a lot in places.
  • And of course: It is a good idea not to do everything in 3D printing - the other workloads are also fun!

And here a few more pictures:

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Super cool! I haven’t gotten into using the cnc mill head for my printer yet, but this inspires me to break that out. Very stylized and unique! Definitely not something you could go buy at a shop!