Fusion und Rotary Modul

Hello everybody,
i have already milled a few things with the rotary module. The sample file the lions. Then I created my own STL file. With this I generated the Gcode in Luban. I used several steps for the depth. As a result, I had several rotational offsets in the model. The same model with 1 deep pass again worked perfectly. I then wanted to work on the whole thing in Fusion. When generating the Gcode I only get the error message that the machine does not support the rotation. I thought the post processor would support this. For help, I would be grateful.

@Georg2 if you’re using the free version of fusion, you don’t have the 4th axis support. They only give you that in the paid version.

I currently have a Fusion subscription. With a 7 day test for the rotary axis.

Interesting. I guess you need to email support, not sure if the postprocessor supports the rotary module right now.
There was no update, i guess.

Fusion 360 setup for Rotary Module - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

Thought that happened.

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Thanks for the link, didn’t knew that.

Ok cool, it sounds like Snapmaker hasn’t verified the 4th axis compatibility with fusion.

I’ve been working on laser etching with the rotary module. My latest project

I actually did a second one with much better quality of etching. Just had to increase the density per mm and focus the laser a little better.


Thats really neat thank you for sharing

Where is your origin in fusion and how is the z axis oriented?

I ran into a error when I posted my gcode with fusion but I re-setup/defined my origin/axis and it solved the problem.

Origin on the front face, center of the axis, z up.

Fusion free doesn’t support the newer multiaxis rotary toolpath but you can still use the rotary like an indexing head to do 3+1 machining.

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