Four Snapmaker 2.0 F350s: all four Benchy tests good 'right out of the box'

This is exactly what we had hoped for: good quality FDM capabilities for our HS Engineering STEM Lab (Prusament Mystic Brown PLA) that can be quickly achieved by novice staff and students.

Video: four simultaneous PLA Benchy tests

SunLu PETG Benchy successful (not perfect):
Z-offset +0.1mm
Nozzle 215C
Elmer’s Washable School Glue used on bed (very thin layer)
Bed temp. kept at 70C for entire print
“Normal” quality Luban profile

'Will try higher PETG nozzle temp for more consistent appearance, but already good enough for student prototyping. Noticeable odor with PLA, but NO detectable odor with PETG (why we bought over 100kg of it!)

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Is this just a video artifact?

That’s actually a common spot Benchy’s have issues due to layer delamination, like here

Overall looks great. Will be some fun room for tradespace exploration to get them perfect. I’d expect great results from that filament.

brent113 = ‘hawkeye’ !

This is a real feature of the printed part (present on all eight parts from all machines). Our recent PETG Benchy did not have this issue after increasing nozzle temp. I’m sure something could be done to fix this in PLA, but using our 100kg stock of ‘no-fume’ PETG with students will now be our focus.

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