Snapmaker 2.0 print issue

Do any of you have issues with 3d Benchy test. I got my printer yesterday . After setting up did a test print found some imperfections on it . Attached images.

Also I could not remove it completely from the heat bed. Any suggestions on how to remove ?

I am just summing up some topics for you. For every topic you will find most likely a thread in this forum. Or watch some Videos on YouTube about how to optimize Benchy.

  • Calibrate E-Steps.( Is usually 10 percent of, if you take your Snapmaker out of the box. It is just badly calibrated by Snapmaker.)
  • Level your bed manually.( I can see, that the first layer is squished.)
  • Make faster retraction.
  • Increase Travel Speed.
  • print with the lowest possible Temperature, where the Filament extrudes without problems.