Forward looking: Top fume extraction mod

I have my first project in mind: Create a top fume extraction duct.

Hole in center of top panel
Flat fan head into flat duct angled to the back right corner along the top, around the corner to the back and down to connect with a single duct channel.

Alternative design, top panel powered and baffled air inlet. Simplest would be a standard fan with DC motor as a positive pressure fan through a spring one way baffle and a vortex turbine to stir the box air CCW as seen from above This should swirl the air in a vortex when paired with the lower right exhaust port.

My filtering plan:
Duct from Lower right 90° elbow to flex through the table into a lower sealed chamber

Lower sealed chamber:
Simple Cubic shape, 20x20 extrusion with sealed plex panels and a sealed door.
Sized large enough to contain a small barrel vac

Duct up from the vac inlet into a switchable manifold (controls at the top front of the lower box).
One channel up to edge collectors machined into a thick plate to support the machine.
One channel up to a hose for cleanup (hose stored on one of the panels, perhaps top?) and CNC vacuum brush attachment.
One additional channel coming out the front of the lower enclosure with a hose adapted end.

Lower chamber powered out to Snapmaker filter or vent to outside vertically via a 150mm smooth pipe with an inline 220v booster (selectable). This way I’m fume free even from vac dust output. And I have a place to keep my vac :slightly_smiling_face:

With this setup I should be able to extract with either the back extract filter or the barrel vac.

Just putting this out as a possible idea that might interest others.

Since I have to print several of these parts, At first I’ll run the filter directly off the enclosure.