Flashing Port control module

Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased the Snapmaker 2.0 a350
After building it i have been getting a connection error.
I am currently in communication with the support team.

I have noticed the port control module starts flashing at initially when turned on and the stops flashing when the error occurs

can anyone else who has the a350 confirm if the port control module flashing is normal?
and also does the flashing stop?

Thank you

I am not sure what the port control module is.
Make a photo? - Do you mean the controller?


Did you mean the flashing LED behind the controller?

See this video.

I didn’t even know it had a light!

Thats the one. but i didn’t realise you can see it from the under side. So does this pulse throughout the use on the machine?

It will pulsate like a heartbeat when the machine is turned on.

That’s normal.
If it starts saying “Exterminate” though, run!

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Ok thank you for letting me know. My machine does not do that. Snapmaker support has narrowed it down to a faulty Power supply hopefully. I will be able to use my new machine soon

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