Fixed Spindle speed

I’m still waiting for shipment confirmation on my Snapmaker, but I’m wondering if Snapmaker will ever allow an “Expert setting” for changing spindle speed.

I’m no cnc expert, but if I’m not mistaken, having an adjustable spindle rpm is important for cnc machines. It’s a variable that needs to be changed depending on bit size and material that you are machining. I have a feeling that locking the spindle speed could lead to premature wear on the milling bits and possible breakage when milling certain materials.

Again, i don’t really have any personal experience with cnc milling, but I’ve been trying to do some research in preparation for my Snapmaker.

Anyone with cnc experience willing to chime in? Are there other parameters that can be changed to compensate for the fixed spindle speed?


Yeah, I agree. From my days of using a CNC back in grad school (I’m no expert either though), we would adjust the spindle speed which is linked with feed rate, material type and number of cutting edges. Also, I noticed the high rpm does seem to make a lot of noise, even when I turned the feed rate way down. Definitely a spindle speed adjustment would be useful.

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I’m not surprised that the fixed spindle speed would become an issue and experience of machining tells us exactly that this is important for results and tool wear etc. If Snapmaker has priorities I would place a variable spindle speed and a more powerful laser as
two welcome upgrades.

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I’m mostly curious about whether the spindle speed is locked by the hardware (non variable spindle) or the firmware. If it is a matter of a firmware update to unlock it, great.

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I know this is a late reply but I just received my SnapMaker and have tested setting the spindle speed with the M3 S[speed] command and indeed, the speed does not change no matter what values I enter for speed. This is a big problem for me as engraving plastic requires a slower spindle speed to stop the plastic melting onto the tool.

Can anyone from SnapMaker advise if a variable spindle speed option will become available ?