Fusion 360 feed rate/speed

Hello! I got my Snapmaker Original just a week ago and am now beginning my foray into the CNC module. I’m new to CAM and had a couple of questions.

  1. Should I set the feed rate and spindle speeds?

I’ve read and watched manuals and tutorials, none mention changing the feedrate (though it somehow feels important). Is the default good enough for plywood? 12000 was mentioned as the “efficient” speed, but the default on fusion (for the 1.5mm 3 fluted flat head milling bit) is 16000: should I change or leave it?

  1. Is the origin for the cnc module just going to be the origin for the model I made?

I’m gonna try this project out Tuesday, thanks for any and all help!

Congrats on your new machine! For me, it is the most fun I’ve had being frustrated! :grinning:

Have you imported the tool profiles for Fusion? If not, you can download those from the SM website. I have only done one project on the CNC, mostly to just test the functionality. I milled 3/4" MDF (remember to convert all measurements to mm) with the speeds and feeds that were associated with the tool profiles from what I remember. Fusion won’t let me edit the project I saved at the moment (free version and too many files enabled for editing currently) so I can’t look any deeper.

I found this video to be very helpful and I probably watched it half a dozen times or more.

If others have additional input to provide, please do. I’m still learning this process as well.

Spindle speed on the Snapmaker2 maxes out at 12000 RPM, so I’d be surprised if the Original went any higher. These aren’t terribly powerful machines.

The original went up to 19000rpm.

Typically, less powerful spindles have higher rpm. It compensates for the lower torque of the spindle. (that’s why tools like dremel etc also go up to 30000rpm for example)

apart from that, this topic also covers a lot of useful info on CNC (and laser):

Thanks for the guides everyone. I just tried my first run and broke my bit 15% of the way through. :upside_down_face:

I was running 1mm depth at 12000 into plywood. I left the feedrate at whatever the default was, so I’ll try lowering that tomorrow.

Update: looks like the bit snapped because the spindle locked and the axis kept moving. my spindle might be dead, no idea what would have caused that