Reduce spindle speed snapmaker 2.0

Hello everyone,
So I need some help reducing the spindle speed on my snapmaker 2.0. I reduced it on the tool in fusion 360 before I exported the cnc file but for some reason when I get it on the machine it’s still going full speed at 12000rpm. If I reduce on the console thus slows down how fast the tool moves around not the spindle rpms. I need to slow it down as I’m milling something with high detail and I want a good finish on it. How can I slow it down?

Since you are using fusion360 and not standard soft, verify your output gcode, what speeds are in it?

So I edited the g code, changed s100 to s50 but when it comes up on the console it’s still going at 12000rpms - am I missing something?

Firmware 1.17.17? Updated for spindle too?

Yes, I did a hardware update last night

I’m fairly certain this might be another bug in the firmware, your best bet is to report it to snapmaker support Support Ticket Form

Or roll down the firmware to where it was working… But without letting support know, they won’t be able to fix it…