First time use - USB not working for upgrade or GCODE

I received my system in January 2019, but was unable to use it until now. It is running firmware version 2.4.

I have followed all instructions for upgrading the system using the USB, and it never works. I am using the USB that came with the system, formatted FAT32. I put the Update.bin in the root folder. When the system turns on, the blue light immediately blinks fast, and the upgrade never happens.

I also cannot access my gcode files on the same USB. I save the file with Snapmaker Luban by generating and exporting the gcode. I load the USB into the Snapmaker. When I select “files” on the touchscreen, nothing happens.

Please help.



I seem to have fixed this. I reformatted the USB, even though it was already formatted FAT32. I unchecked “quick format” so that it did a complete rewrite. I also gave it a name (“SNAPMAKER”, it was previously unnamed).

Upgrade worked.
Gcode files working so far.


The Snapmaker Original works best with an USB with the following specs: FAT32, 16g, and USB 2.0.

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