First print glued to heated mat (questions; new to hobby)

So I was excited to do my first print and ran through calibration to ensure it was correct. once finished, I let cool over night but had issues getting it off. Really was stuck and took me hours to get it off. Where when I did, it damaged the bed. I still have the outline to remove on top of that. Wondering if I did something wrong I need to look out for or not.

So first, how do I keep that from happening.

Two, how can I get this off. I imagine I may be able to use other side if I can get off PLA.

Third, what size of may is this. I measured 255mm.
Website says 235x230… can I order a replacement from Amazon or do I need there pad… and if I did, would it be 235x235mm or 10x10 inch.

Test print, fast. Default setting from snapmaker software.
File -

Hey, till there is no print sheet avaliable at the store you need to write to the for purchasing a new one, if needed.

I have no A250, so no dimensions, sry.

I think your level of the bed is a bit too tight, recalibrate and offset your calibration sheet a bit more loose.
Maybe it helps to heat the bed a bit to get off your part.

Hope this helps!

I had something similar happen with my first print. Thankfully it didn’t damage the build plate. I still haven’t quiet worked out why it happened.

Since my build plate wasn’t damaged I was able to heat the build plate again and use the putty knife to remove the left over PLA.

I use a razor blade scraper like this one:
IVY Classic 11156 Razor Blade Scraper with 5 Blades, USA, 1 Pack

You have to be careful because you can cut into the bed. Light, gentile back and forth motions with the scraper at a very shallow angle.

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Thanks for the replies. Luckily the plate is fine just the sheet. Where I have actually built around it just fine.

I still cannot get off the remainder of pla on plate even with a Razer. I did manage to get off a little where it does not appear to have damaged the sheet at that spot (the border pla).

I was talking with microcenter when looking to get some kind of replacement plate for now. Where they believe the heating plate was to much. I did notice that this set it at 80c for that, where it may have melted into the sheet pretty good. My last build I did I let it run at it’s 70c it wanted at first but took it down to 60 about 10 to 15 minutes later after it finished first pass. I was able to get that off just fine. I also rubbed the surface down with rubbing alcohol prior.

So. Would have been a number of things… appears I may still need a replacement from them due to design and dimensions are weird. A 10x10 is to small on side and to large on the other. (9.6 x 10.25 ) is what I measure… Now I am thinking I can use this heating mat on the snapmaker one to protect that possibly. Or if I can get the rest of pla off. I might be able to flip it safely and use that side.

When you do the calibration, do not make it too close.
You can send an email to to purchase the printing sheet and ask them about the size of the printing sheet.

I first printed this weekend and had same problem. I did calibration step by step as in Guidebook and it wouldn’t come free from bed.
On third print I redid calibration, and then moved nozzle 0.2mm up so it’s not so close to bed. It still stucks a lot, but its possible to get it free.