Filament stuck to plate

All, I made my first 3D print (of my life) yesterday - the callibration cube. It came out pretty good. The problem is that the print had a little square a rim just 1 or 2 layers thick that stuck to the print bed and cooled. I couldn’t get it off. I eventually used a procedure recomended in another thread, heating the bed to 90 degrees and scraping it off. Unfortunately I scratched the bed in the process. What a bummer to scratch the plate on my first print.

Is there a strategy to strike the balance of getting the print to adhere to the surface but having it easy to remove? I tried bending the plate but it didn’t work at all. It was also very hard to scrape off until I had the bed heated up, and even then I damaged the surface. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

This is the photo of the print. I used a flash, so it looks a it looks a bit odd reflecting the light. You can see the little rim surrounding the cube which was almost impossible to scrape off. I’m guessing that was in the original file, but I don’t really know. Would love to avoid having this problem every time I print!

Your offset for the Z-Axis seems to be too small.
Try an offset of 0.1 mm.
Otherwise it will destroy your print bed.

What you’re seeing is called a skirt. It’s created by the slicer to make your print stick to the bed better (you can turn it off in Luban by changing the Adhesion > Build Plate Adhesion Type setting). And yes, they are a pain to remove from the bed.

You can print something else on top and hope it pulls the skirt off when you remove it from the plate.

You can heat the bed and then attempt to scrape or pull the plastic off while it’s softened from the heat.

Or you can just scrape it as flat as you can manage without damaging the bed surface and hope for the best.

As of my humble experience so far I can tell that I calibrated the z-axis to close every time running into the same issue that you have. I think the manual is misleading. You really should feel just a light resistance when pulling the calibration card. Due to the stiff material you will be able to push it without getting folded. If you lower the nozzle that close to the printbed that you fold the card it’s way too much!

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