Very BAD experience bed adhesion

Hello all,
I have A250 model and
after 7 different automatic bed calibration with different number of points I was forced to move to manual leveling. In any case I’m facing part of the bed in which pla attached less or too much.
I also test the balancing of the bed and it seems ok. Every time i have to test and play with z-offset to reach a decent result wasting a lot of materials and time.
I don’t know if this is only my problem but honestly is not the quality I aspected.
Someone with the same issue fixed it?
Please help me

Not the answer you’re looking for but a few of us have given up and bought a glass build plate.

It seems absurd to me that after spendig so many monay we receive this bed.

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May you target me to what you bought?
Thank you

I got this Is there a better way to calibrate?

Other people have gone different routes. Up to you. Someone found a glass cutter online for the same price and got custom cut glass the exact size of the plate that’s what I’d do next time.