First layer waves. Poor adhesion. Help Requested

2 weeks into it with SM2 a350. Overcame the nozzle crashing into bed during calibration by installing newer firmware. Have made small 3d printed parts now making part almost on entire bed. Successfully printed the first part. The second part with same settings had these waves on first layer. Tried recalibration (auto and manual) with same results. Tweaked first layer settings multiple times with same results. Thought Magigoo would save me…but same results. Suggestions welcome.
Using wood pla
Nozzle temp 200
Bed. Tried 50-60
First print. Good!

Other prints

With Magigoo

Appreciate any help.

Play around with Z-offset a bit - from your images you might be slightly too high (but I am not sure, your first lines look just right). Also, make sure the bed is really clean - use dishwashing soap and/or isopropanol. Since you already had one good print, some dirt might be the reason. If nothing helps, you might be part of the bad-printbed-club - several threads on this in the forum, e.g. this one: Please give us the 11 x 11 bed calibration with heated bed! and several others. If your SM 2 is still within warranty and you can see your bed is really bumpy, try Snapmaker support, they may send you a new build platform.

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Second the recommendation to fine tune the Z-offset. Also, it might be worth trying with painter’s tape on the bed for adhesion issues with larger models. I’ve had decent success with some of the exotic PLA filaments using that method.

Thanks for suggestions
Adjusted z height
Turned off fan first layers
Reduced first layer speed

Fully printed first layer. There are some deviations on first layer but it is ok for my purpose. I think nozzle a little too low. But I will take it as a win. Successful 24 hour print!


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