Firmware bug in SM2.0

If I have to cancle a print job (send from Luban via WiFi to the A350) then I have to switch thepower supply off and wait 15s and then - after Power on - I can print again.

After canceling the print job via the display unit - the printer stopps.
Now I try to start the former print job again.
The first reaction is, that the display says everything ok and starting…
BUT … nothing happens !
The temperature of nozzle and bed go to room temperature and there is no reaction of the display.unit.


After power OFF - 15s - power ON -> everything is working correct until cancle the next time.

I’m using the newest firmware. (according to forum)


Yeah there are some goofy things like that in the firmware yet, good of you to point it out.

To make the developers aware of this I’d recommend that you create a GitHub issue here:

The tool and bed temperatue go also sometimes down if you turn on the enclosure lights or fan, but i noticed that only when doing it over the touchscreen, over Octoprint or Luban there is all fine.

I went back to 1.10.0
Seem to be lots of little weird things like that in 1.10.1
1.10.0 just has the 99% bug.
1.9 is most stable.

Thank you for the answers.
@stefix: I don’t use the Snapmaker enclosure. It’s not an effect during working - it’s an effect because of the firmware crash.

@ITmaze: I don’t want to play around with GitHub or other things. I’m a user of a machine that costs me lot of money. At all other companies,from that I’m using devices and use the forum it is normal, that support people or developers are reading the forum and are replying.
If Snapmaker cannot ensure the functionality of it’s firmware, then I expect, that they are reading topics and are reakting !
I’m not a developer - I’m a user !


Respectfully, this is a community, the software is open source, the developers are responding to GitHub issues and code is being written.

This forum is where end-users congregate to help each other.

The support email address is where you ask for direct SM support.

GitHub is where the developers make software development happen.

Asking you to create a GitHub issue makes you responsible for the feature request and gives you the power to shape the discussion and the feature request. You are under absolutely no obligation to do this, but if the issue vexes you to the point of the exclamations that you’re making here, then perhaps that would be a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

Consider the alternative, a massive company with CSO’s taking your “feedback” which may (or may not) actually end up where it’s supposed to go. With the process that SM have built, we as the community have the ability to shape the tools that they’re building.

I for one am absolutely thrilled with this and it’s the single largest reason I made my purchasing choice.


@ITmazeThank you for the answer.
Maybe we are looking to the same thing from other points of view.

I was in a big company - as developer, product manager and marketing manager. We are also using a forum and a customer Email posibillity and an error rerport site. But there were all times company people from our department watching the forum and replying. This is what I call “customer service” - to give the customer the feeling, that I take care !!

I would be with you " … responsible for the feature request and gives you the power to shape the discussion and the feature reques … ". But this is no feature request !!
(I hope so, because “no bugs” is for me no feature.)

And I would be with you if we were in an open source project. But we are in a comercial project !
In the advertisement there is nothing about that you are entering an open source project, if you buy a machine. Even more they are showing posibilities that are not reality. (use of laser camera; CNC function is Beta etc.)

I bought the machine to use it for my hobby - I use the CNC and the 3D part. I don’t want to take care of software. I want a customer service! I know that no software is 100% ok - but in my point of view the producer / salesman have to take care to fix bugs.
I do “quality and function testing” for SM - free of charge ! I want report it in an easy way.
(Maybe for you using GitHub is an easy way - but not for me.)
For what reason there is this forum ? Only to show other users my problems - I think there is no need for this. For me it is a contact page where I can loo for solving my problems - and the firmware can only be fixed by the developer.
So in a forum called “Firmware bug in SM2.0” there have to be developers watching the topics and replying.

It’s my second SnapMaker - I use this machines since more than 1 year - I found lots of software problems and use Email to the support.
AND … nothing happens !! My reported bug goes along with me since the beginning - not only in 3D printing. At the CNC side I surrendered. There is no real improvement since I have the machines - so I spend a lot of time to find my own solution. (SM knows the poblems - because they are declaring CNC as Beta. But until now - no improvement.)

The hardware of the SM A350 is very good.
The sotfware Luban is for me Beta version - but there are posibilities to live without Luban.
The firmware is so " la…la" with some annoying bugs.
The customer service of SM is in great need of improvement.

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Just here to say I agree with your conclusion, and the rest of your post. It feels really weird the lack of staff presence here.