Finally a perfect print

After learning and tweaking for a weak, Finally printed something perfect to me.
The supplied Snapmaker black PLA is unexpectedly good.


Whould be nice to know what you have done to get to this stage. Nicely done.

Thank you! I attached my profile of Simplify3D. It’s based on the S3D MID Quality profile from

  • Layer height set to 0.12
  • Reduced the retraction distance to 1.00
  • Reduce temperature to 200
  • Reduce speed a little bit
  • Some settings to avoid stringing in my other post: Finally fixed the strings perfectly

SnapMaker .12.fff (11.6 KB)

@zephyr1125 thanks! What other tweaks and calibrations have you performed? Extrusion cal, bed sensor readjustment, etc.?

As is mentioned in the topic he linked, he performed an extrusion calibration, temp adjustment, and calibrated the linear advance k value. You should follow the link:

Happy tuning


Sorry. That was literally my very first post. I’m reading and trying to learn before my machine arrives. I’ll be sure to follow all links before asking any questions in the future.

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@snowdragonusa You are welcome and don’t be hesitate to ask anything.

Enjoy printing :grinning:

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sorry @snowdragonusa Didn’t mean to come off as rude. All questions are valid and welcome here, it’s the only way we learn :smile: I just wanted to make sure you had seen the link and let you know that there was a lot more detailed info there then I could put into this thread. I’m glad to hear your excited. Here is another thread with some good info to get you started: Howdy - new A250 Owner. Suggest Start-up Tasks?

Happy prepping

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No worries at all @Atom :slight_smile: Thanks for the extra info to read!
:dragon_face:The Happy Snowdragon :dragon_face:


I like your prrfect cut nails :blush: