Filament feeding motor grinding

I have dismantled the printer module to clean out filament that has been wound around the teeth and reassembled it. It seems to be printing ‘ok’ but my SM1 is making a grinding noise when pulling/feeding the filament into the heating element. I have reseated the spring a few times but the noise is still there.

Is it possible to get some replacement screws of the internal components?

Hey Mr_Fen,
Where does the noise come from, from the printing module or when it feeds on the heated bed? Can you share a video here?
Please make sure that you have reassembled the printing module properly.

Hi Tracy, here is a video of the print head, it has a loud ‘click’ that wasn’t there before and the filament doesn’t appear to be feeding very well.

If you open the right cover and remove the fan, can you see the gear rotates when it is printing? It sounds like the sound comes from the gear.