Filament blob destroy my print


does anyone have an idea what is going on here (left one on the picture)? I have a blob with so many filament on my print, so that my print fails. It looks like, that this comes out at one time. It happens very often. Is something wrong with my extruder?

looks like your part came off the bed and stuck to the nozzle while it printed, ihave had it happen a few times myself

work on your adhesion

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I think you should check the mount of your nozzle, its loose or incorrect assembled.

I dont know what i can do wrong there with the assembly? Its screwed in tight with a sort of wrench. But it looks like that it would squeeze out of the side of it. Maybe when the nozzle is clogged by the time? Is there a rule of thumb to change the nozzle after a period of printing?

Read in this topic there are some infos abou changing the nozzle, and much more here in the forum

if the blob is coming out the side, its because the hotend was assembled wrong at the factory, which is a thing unfortunately

basically, the brass nozzle should not be bottoming out on the aluminum block, and instead bottom out on the inner metal tube (known as a heatbreak)

in this case there can be a leak that the filmant can get out thru over time