If you pull a blob off the nozzle, consider recalibrating?

from the pages of ‘i still have so much to learn’

yesterday i save my head by spotting a blob before it hardened

it left my nozzle looking like this

and werid 1st layer stuff like this:

i eventually figured out:

  • nozzle had some blockage that cleared itself as i attempted my prints
  • the nozzle was now way too close (applying a +2.0 z offset fixed)

Conclusion, pulling the blob off the nozzle must have affect the height of the nozzle in someway
(unless there is some other explanation?)

That kind of blob happens when there’s a leak between the heat break and nozzle. The faces of these two parts mate inside the heat block. Just screwing on the nozzle to get rid of the leak would affect the height of the nozzle above the print surface.

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thanks, i will take a look for that, i had assumed it was the head catching the model and then the model stuck to the head and then it extruded into the model with nowhere to go, i don’t see any sign of leakage on later prints, but maybe something hardened to block the leak? do i just drop the hotend out, or do i have to disassemble everything to check?

  1. Remove the hot end assembly.
  2. Disassemble the hot end into the heater block, nozzle, and heat break.
  3. Thoroughly clean, especially the threads. A threading tap can be used to chase the internal threads in the heat block.
  4. Inspect the mating surfaces of the nozzle and heat break. Make sure they are flat and without nicks and gouges.
  5. Reassembly the hot end with (a) the correct torque and (b) the correct gap between nozzle and heat block. There’s a thread here in the forum somewhere about the details.
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@scyto At present, it seems that your hot end has leaked material. It is recommended that you try to replace the hot end.

Do you mean .2? There’s no way +2 prints correctly without 0 being inside the bed.

I agree that it looks like a leak, based on your pics, between the nozzle and the heat block (and not between the heat break and the heat block).

hahah i was so tired when i was typing and doing all that, yeah i mean +0.2
what an idiot i am