[Feature Request] CNC Holes!

It’s not a big thing, but would make certain processes far easier to deal with.

Give me a “point” primitive. It’s just like a circle, square, or any other sort of shape, but in the CNC mode you can give it a depth, and it’ll drill the hole out just like a drill press would, just controlled by the software instead. It just goes to the X/Y coordinates of the hole, turn the bit on, and start moving down to the requested depth, then come back up again and turn the bit off, before moving off to the next location.


I ask, because I just used my Snapmaker Original to cut out three rectangular holes for some panel-mount slide switches in a plastic electronics enclosure, and it would have been nice and straightforward to drill the mounting holes in the same process.
(because the screws are so small, using a circle would make the hole too large)

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You could already achieve this using fusion 360.
There you can even specify what method you want to use for drilling and what exact diameter you need (needs to be the same as your drill bit or a little bigger than your routing bit)

Maybe, but I’m not using Fusion 360, I’m trying to improve this tool. I don’t need anywhere near that level of power, Luban works great (up to a couple of points) for the vast majority of everything I need it for.

Plus, I’m running Linux, Autodesk doesn’t care about this platform in the first place, so it’s not really able to run on any of my computers.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I surely will share the feedback with the product manager. Thanks again.


I like this idea! Plus I might recommend a super basic implementation of the G73 or G83 codes for peck-drilling. Basically they do a normal drill cycle, except every so many mm of depth they achieve they come back up to the start of the hole, then go back down to continue drilling deeper. This evacuates already cut material, reduces drag on the tool, etc. Really nice!

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