Failed to load model

I loaded models and g-coded them, then saved but now I can’t open saved models

I have the same issue when I manually add supports and save the model. The file loads again, but without supports and the error “Failed to load model”. Definitely seems like a bug in Luban 3.15.1

If you save the file as *.snap3dp format when you exit the software, you can not import it as a model. You need to open it directly.

I guess I wasn’t obvious/clear enough. Any (.snap3dp) file saved with manually added supports doesn’t OPEN without giving an error. The file does load (with error), but the manually added supports are gone. 100% reproducible.

You work at Snapmaker? Did you try it?

It does show failed to import the file when you manually add the supports. However, you can export the STL file which will save the supports you added.

That may be well and good, but print settings, etc aren’t saved in an STL. Shouldn’t an app that can save its own native file format also be able to re-open its own native file format? Definitely a bug.

Printing settings aren’t part of the STL file. It can not be saved in STL files. It will be saved in Luban.

No kidding?! But they (settings) should be saved in the native ‘snap3dp’ file along with manually added support structure information!

Also, 13 days for that kind of response. I really have to question Snapmaker support, if in fact you are “Staff”. Honestly, no response would have been better.