Extension Cable - Controller Position

I would like to move the position of my controller. Not to have it mounted on the “right hand” Z-axes. In fact, I would like to mount it on the opposite Z-axes (the left hand). If I rotate the X-axes to have the cable on the left-hand side, it will mean that my prints will be a mirror image around or there needs to be a setting that will change my X-axes direction. I know I can change this in Simplify3D or other slicing software.

The alternative is an extension cable long enough to run around (or underneath) the printer. I would also like an extension cable for my Touch Screen. Does anyone perhaps know if I can build such a cable myself or order one from somewhere?


I only have a v1. The v2 cables look different, but the v2 controller is supposed to be able to control the v1 modules. So at some point, you have to be able to plug the v1 cables into the v2 controller. I’d guess that’s on the controller side.

My v1 cables are just RJ12 and RJ45 ribbon cables. The print head has an RJ45 connector, and the axis connections are RJ12 connectors. RJ12 is just a 6 wire version of the 8 wire RJ45. So a RJ12/RJ45 patch cable plus a RJ45 female-to-female coupler would let me extend any cable fairly easily. (RJ12 cables can plug into the RJ45 coupler just fine. It won’t use all the pins, but the coupler is just a pass through.)

I can’t tell if the axis ports are RJ12 on the v2. If they are, you might have to make your own RJ12 patch cable instead of using an RJ45 patch cable. To test it, just try plugging an ethernet cable into the X axis port. If it fits, you should be able to use that cable plus a coupler as an extension cable. If it doesn’t, try plugging a phone cord (RJ11 / 4 pin) cable in. If that fits with some room on the sides, you’ll need to buy/make an RJ12 patch cable. Amazon has some 3’ RJ12 cables if you don’t have the crimp took and heads already.

If you post a picture of both ends of the axis cable, I can tell you if they’re RJ 11/12/45 or not.

The touchscreen needs a simple usbC extension cable like on any new smartphone, if you have this there is no need of extending the axis, right?
Have a nice day, chris

You can use an extension cable for the touchscreen (didn’t test that extensively but it should still work). But the other cables are cutom made and they are using different connectors. and you can’t really use an extension cable on any of them.

@JKC20, how is the v2 controller backwards compatible with the v1 modules?

No, they use different protocols. The v2 uses CAN. But we will develop an adaptor for it to work with the v1 modules.

Waldo - did you ever get a solution for your cable extension? I’m in the same boat as you, I need to relocate the controller to the left hand side. I emailed support on this - will keep you updated if I get an answer.

I hate to have to cut the cable and solder together an extension - but what ever it takes right?