Ethernet support with USB extender possible?

Hi all. We recently bought an artisan for our business. Sadly, we are not allowed to use wifi so the experience isn’t as great as expected.

Is there any chance to include usb-2-ethernet support? since we got an android based controller, most adapters should work out of the box already. unfortunately we had no luck with the one we tested.

I could imagine that this could be a help to some others, with poor wifi connection.

What happens when you connect artisan to a computer with USB cable? What device shows up?

I don’t know and I can’t try, since USB-devices are also not allowed for security reasons. that is why we need ethernet so badly :wink:

You mean your USB ports are locked out?
Your IT team should have a designated off line machine for configuration of such things. If security is a concern. It’s like a printer hookup - why not let them figure it out?

You won’t be able to troubleshoot things with out this…

When I connect snapmaker 350 to a nix or win machine - it showed up like regular com port. It has ch340 serial to USB converter inside. Any USB over IP should do.

there is nothing to troubleshoot, I just want to be able to connect to the printer over IP - just not with a WiFi connection. it’s just that simple. and since Android is capable of handling usb-ethernet-adapters, I thought I’d give it a shot to ask if there is a solution already, or planned or at least to encourage the devs to activate the drivers.

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Interesting train of thought.

Obviously there is something to troubleshoot =) I bet if you connect your usb extender to mini usb port, you will have a serial connection to your machine. Over Ethernet. Not ideal but while you wait for support to help…

For the OTG port to work, they would have to add kernel drivers for the device you are trying to use. And then teach the firmware to talk API over it. That is a lot.

Try reaching out to Support Ticket Form - don’t forget to mention what device do you use as extender.
They don’t hang around here.

On my A350 I was successful - see here: Works: USB to Ethernet adapter

Perhaps the same works on Artisan? Would find that likely. Oh, I plugged it into the USB port where you put the USB stick - not the serial port.

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Hi Hauke. Yes we did the same, even got the same type of adapater (your post made me hope…). Unfortunately no luck.

And ofc we connected it to the standard A-Ports, and not the mini usb (show me an adapter with such a plug :slight_smile: )

Here you go -

yes, thank you, but I meant a usb-2-ethernet apapter, not a usb-2-usb. but anyhow, offtopic.

What? I thought you started from using one…

Is there a specific reason using cable like this is not a satisfactory solution?

no, I started with a standard usb-2-ethernet adapter. the mini-usb-port is not designed to plug peripherals into it. it is meant to connect the printer to another device. most likely, like you said, it emulates a serial port for the PC to recognize it as a printer port.

the USB-A ports are designed to accept all USB devices - it’s all a matter of drivers. if you plug in an usb stick, it also needs a driver to work. same with an ethernet adapter. in a standard android, most common ethernet drivers are implemented. you can try it on your android phone or tablet, an adapter with ethernet will most likely work. that is why I think it is not that much of a deal to actually implement ethernet functionality.